Hi there!

My name is Rhyan and I am a music music fanatic. By starting this blog, I am hoping to share my passion for metal music with you all and make you see it for what it truly is – something that has changed the lives of many. I want to break down the walls and throw all the stereotypes out the window. I want to expose what it’s all about and hopefully allow you, as the reader, get something out of the music that has become the soundtrack of my life.

Through this blog I will share many interviews, as I want to capture what makes up the scene – some amazing bands! I want to take you on a journey into the depths of what metal is all about but letting band members share their first-hand experiences with you.

Let’s face it, every site will have news and reviews. But I feel that having those things on this site would take away from what I want to share.

I hope that you will enjoy hearing from some of your favorite bands and that you will walk away inspired, empowered or at least, entertained.

I hope you will enjoy what I have to offer here at Metal and Melodies.

Thank you and have a lovely day,



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