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Interview written by Rhyan Gaspari

Warning: Daniel gets a little crazy in the following interview. Read at your own risk. Seriously.

This week, Metal and Melodies met their match while interviewing Daniel Dekay of the Toronto-based rock band, Diemonds. Daniel gave us the biggest, baddest interview we have ever published on this site. Speaking like a true rocker, he lets it all fly and responds with answers that will leave you shocked yet incredibly entertained.

In the following interview, rock n’ roll gets the exposure it deserves and desperately needs nowadays. If there is one thing you should learn from this interview, it’s that Daniel represents what rock n’ roll is all about; walking the wild side.

Now is the time where we would introduce Diemonds as a whole but there’s no need. After reading this interview, you’ll know all about them and you’ll fall in love with them so much that you’ll go check them out on your own. This is all the intro this interview needs.

How are you today?
Fuckin’ excellent. Thanks for asking. Just had a wicked burger and now backstage waiting to destroy Montreal.

Please introduce yourself.
Daniel Dekay – I play Flying V guitars in a rock n’ roll band from Toronto called Diemonds.

What is the message in your music?
DRINK WEED, SMOKE BEER, AND EAT P***Y. But on a serious note, the message is all about…weed, beer, & p***y.

You’re currently on the Skeletour. Can you tell me a little bit about that? 
The SKELETOUR is our first time out on the road in a while. We took the summer off to write, record and play minimal shows. We ended up getting sick of the studio so we’re out on the road for the next month playing all over North America for our Die-Hards coast to coast. We will invade your city, drink your booze, do your drugs, fuck your girlfriends, then crash on your couch.

What do you think sets Diemonds apart from other bands in your genre nowadays? 
We’re in it for the right reasons. We leave everything we’ve got on the beer soaked stage at the end of the night. Give us a stage big or small, don’t give a fuck, we rock ’em all. We’re in this for YOU.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the music industry?
Nobody buys records anymore. There’s a ton of corporate bullshit hoops to jump through in order to “make it”. We couldn’t care less – we are road dogs and enjoy nothing more than playing as many shows as we can anywhere we can. Meeting new fans and experiencing new parts of the world is the best pay I could ask for. We play the way we like and we hope you like it too. SUPPORT HARD WORKING BANDS.

What is one band that fans would be surprised you listen to?
Waka Flocka Flame

You played Warped Tour this summer. What was that experience like? 
Load in at 8AM in the pissing rain after not sleeping all night, pay $15 for a beer, have 6 minutes to set up and line check our gear, and play for a crowd of underage females. I couldn’t have asked for a better day and honestly… it was the highlight of shows I played this summer!

Looking back, what advice would you give to the 16-year-old version of yourself?
Do more drugs.

What is the hardest part about being a touring musician?
Nothing. Best job in the world. If you don’t love traveling with nothing but the clothes on your back, having no clue what could happen to you each day, and sleeping in the most ridiculous places then you need to get your head checked. Oh yeah, I also get to do it with my 4 best friends.

Halloween is less than a week away. Do you have a Halloween memory you’d be willing to share?
I had an orgy after a Halloween party and I still had my Gene Simmons makeup on. I woke up and everyone in the bed was covered in black/white paint and fake blood.

What is one essential life skill you believe everyone should know?
Changing a flat tire and knowing how to make proper weed brownies.

Where do you find inspiration?
Everywhere I look. The world is a beautifully fucked up place. Take a minute to stop and look around – take it all in.

Any final words?
Sell your soul – do it for rock n roll.


Catch Diemonds on the Skeletour on the following dates:

October 24 Ottawa, ON Maverick’s
October 25 Sherbrooke, QC Woodstock Bar
October 26 Montreal, QC Le Piranha Bar
October 27 Quebec City, QC L’Agitee
October 30 Kingston, ON The Mansion
November 01 Flint, MI Soggy Bottom
November 02 Chicago, IL Double Door
November 03 St. Louis, MO Fubar
November 05 Denver, CO Herman’s Hideaway
November 06 Las Vegas, NV Vamp’d
November 08 Los Angeles, CA Whiskey A Go-Go
November 10 San Francisco, CA TBA
November 11 Medford, OR Music Head
November 12 Portland TBA
November 14 Vancouver, BC The Roxy
November 15 Calgary, AB Dicken’s
November 16 Edmonton, AB The Pawn Shop
November 19 Winnipeg, MB Windsor Hotel
November 20 Thunder Bay, ON Black Pirates Pub
November 22 Sudbury, ON The Townehouse
November 23 Toronto, ON The Garrison